Introducing a GCP Pub/Sub Message Framework


To try to make sense of all the logs from different sources on GCP pub/sub, I created this little serverless framework that uses Kafka streams for alerting correlation on Kubernetes.

Installing Kubeless

Follow these instructions. Customize Kubeless config file at kubeless-config.yaml and then run:

$ make kl

Creating Kubeless topic

In Kafka, messages are published into topics. The functions ran by kubeless (consumers) are going to receive these messages by creating the topic:

$ kubeless topic create reactor

Firing Up Containers

To run a logstash, elastsearch, zookeeper and kafka (producers) so that it outputs to Kafka's topic for kubeless, run:

$ make pipeline


To debug any pods (kubeless or kafka or zoo), grab the name with:

$ make pods

and then run:

$ kubectl logs <podname> --namespace=kubeless


Enjoy and let me know what you think! :)

PS: If you want to learn more about GCP, check my resources and labs here.